Elbow Protectors for the Elderly

Elderly Persons, particularly those limited in mobility, may suffer from pressure sores and issues in their elbows from sitting or lying down for extended periods of time.

Then there are also elbow concerns, post-op, or injuries that may insist on a need for an elbow protector.

Whatever the reason, maybe you will want the best elbow protectors for the elderly person.

Reasons Why and Elderly Person May Need Elbow Protectors

An elderly person that is limited to a bed, chair, or wheelchair may rest on their elbow or place their elbows on the armrests, which in turn can cause pressure sores or abrasions, for which ca elbow protector may be necessary.
Other than that, the skin on the elbows may become irritated, fragile, or more prone to chafing and sores, which also makes an elbow protector necessary to keep infections out.

Then there are also the cases with elbow injuries which are more prevalent in elderly individuals, as well as post opt to the elbow, where an elbow protector is required for healing and protection in this healing period.

Types of Elbow Protectors for Seniors

When it comes to elbow protectors for elderly persons you get a few types to consider;

  • Gel Elbow Protectors – Gel Elbow protectors provide protection against pressure sores and discomfort and are also ideal to absorb shock during a fall.
  • Post Opt Elbow Protectors – These are protection pads used after an injury or operation to protect the elbows against abrasions and trauma.
  • Knitted Elbow Protectors – Knitted Elbow protectors provide warmth as well as protection against pressure sores and abrasions.

Features of a Good Elbow Protector for the Elderly

Here are a few features to consider when choosing the best elbow protector for an elderly person;
Elbow Protector

  • Materials – The materials that are in an elbow pad will depend on what you need to use them for. You need a gel or cushioning pad for impact resistance, whereas for abrasion resistance or for protection alone, you can opt for a more flexible fabric elbow protector. Most Elbow protectors consist of either acrylic wool with spandex for stretch, polyester, or cotton fabric. They ay have a urethane foam cushioning in the elbow area.
  • Size – Although most elbow protectors are one size fits all, and you still need to look at the measurements and decide if it is what you actually need. Then some models offer more size options in turn. Most elbow protectors are very stretchable, so they will really be able to fit most sizes.
  • Quality – Always look for good quality materials, brands, and trusted construction that will provide comfort and also last long enough.
  • Non-Latex – As you will see, many of the chosen elbow protectors for seniors will stipulate that they are non-latex, meaning they contain no latex materials. Latex can cause allergies in many people as well as skin sensitivity. That is why it is not generally recommended for elderly persons.
  • Designs – Elbow protectors for the elderly also come in different designs. They may be a mesh or fabric design with a tie or hook and loop closure that comes in size options and fits by tying or adjusting the hook and loop closure. Then you also have what they call sleeve options, which are usually very stretchable fabrics such as acrylic, polyester, and spandex for stretch. They usually just slide on easily and stretch to fit.

Reviews: The Best Elbow Protectors for the Elderly

These are he top brands and models in elbow protector for elderly persons;


  • The Posey Posey Elbow protector is a comfortable knitted design.
  • It will fit an elbow of 13-1/2 inches in circumference.
  • The sleeve is non-latex and comes sold in pairs for heel and elbow protection.
  • It offers light support for mild injuries, aching, or weakness in the elbows.
  • The sleeve consists of stretchable acrylic and spandex materials.
  • There is urethane foam in the elbow area for cushioning and shock absorbency.


  • The Medline range are Cradling and supportive elbow protectors that are ideal for elderly persons.
  • The elbow protector has an open mesh design with comfortable padding, which protects the elbow against hard impacts and abrasion while still remaining breathable.
  • The size is a universal size to fit most elderly individuals, and because it tries, it should fit most arm sizes.
  • You can use it on heels and elbows, as the design is very versatile for both.


  • The Rolyan Elbow and heel protectors are ideal for seniors, as well s versatile for use on the lebos and the heels.
  • It comes as a pair of sleeves with padding for protection against abrasion, bumps, and pressure for sitting or laying down.
  • The sleeve consists of spandex and acrylic material for durability and stretch, which also makes it an easy fit that will fit the most arm sizes.
  • There is a urethane pad in the middle for shock protection and pressure relief.
  • The sleeves contain no latex that can cause allergies.


  • This is the Premium Rolyan elbow protector model.
  • The elbow protector is a large size at 9 inches long and 7.5 to 14 inches in width, although more sizes are available.
  • It has a design to help disperse impact and provide comfort to your joints, such as elbows and heels.
  • The protector is machine washable and contains no latex making it safe for allergies and very convenient to keep clean.
  • There are also other sizes available as well as sizes for children.


  • The DMI Elbow protector has a hook and loop style closure for an adjustable fit.
  • The elbow protector prevents pressure, sores, ulcers, and injuries,
  • It consists of polyester and has a cushioning design.
  • The size is one size fits most adjustable options with a hook and loop closure.


  • From Sammons, we have the Preston elbow protector for seniors.
  • It comes in a pair of comfortable sleeves that wit around your heels or elbows.
  • The sleeves have urethane padding for comfort and shock resistance.
  • They contain o allergy-causing latex and are very durable.


  • This is a moisturizing and breathable cushioned; elbow protector for seniors.
  • It consists of Ultrathin soft materails and closes the entire elbow.
  • It has a non-slip and breathable design.
  • There is a built-in gel to keep your elbows protected and moisturized.


  • From Curad Universal, we have a heel and elbow protector.
  • It is a basic design that provides cushioning and abrasion resistance.
  • The pads are stretchable and comfortable in fit and have a pullover design.
  • Ideal to use on your heels and elbows, it comes in two sets.


  • From Briggs, we have the perfect heel pads for seniors.
  • They are ideal for use on your heels and elbows.
  • The design is an easy pull-on and well padded.
  • You get a single pair in an extra-large size.


  • Here we have two options from Essential Medical Supply.
  • There is a Heel or an elbow pad.
  • It consists of synthetic materials that mimic soft sheepskin and is more lightweight and cushioning.
  • The elbow pad is washer and dryer safe.

Index Table: Top Rated Elbow Protectors for the Elderly

1Posey Posey Knitted - Elbow Protector for Elderly
  • Large Size
  • Non-Latex
  • Light Support
Posey Posey97.9
2Medline Cradles - Elbow Protector for Seniors
  • For Heel and Elbow
  • One Size Fits All
  • Mesh and Padding
3Rolyan Small - Elbow Protector for Seniors
  • Nine Inch Heel and Elbow Protector
  • Releives Pressure
4Rolyan Premium - Elbow Protector for the Elderly
  • Size Options
  • Cushioned
  • Sleeve Design
5DMI Hook and Loop - Elbow Protector for Seniors
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Polyester
  • Adjustable Hook and Loop Design
6Sammons Preston Gel - Elbow Protector for the Elderly
  • Gel Padding
  • Knit Support
  • Comfortable
Sammons Preston96
7Healifty Moisturizing - Protector for Elbows
  • Cushions
  • Moisturizes
  • Non-Slip
8Curad Universal - Elbow Protector
  • Heel and Elbow design
  • Pull On
  • Cushioned
9Briggs heelbo - Protector for Elbows
  • Heel and Elbow Design
  • Large
  • One Pair
10Essential Medical Supply Sheepette - Elbow Protector
  • Heel and Elbow Option
  • Synthetic Sheep Skin
Essential Medical Supply96

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