Author: Eliza Ward

Eliza Ward is a health enthusiast, nature lover, and full-time mother for 3 lovely kids in South Africa. She has always had a thing for improving the lives of the elderly and has the best product recommendations for all her friends and family. So she turned what she loved into her full-time job – by testing and recommending the best products for senior citizens. Read her reviews to know how detailed her observations are.

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Electric Trike for Seniors
Electric Trikes for Seniors
An electric Trike is very similar to the adult three-wheeled tricycle, the only difference being that it is motor-operated and does not need to be pedaled. The electric Trike can…
falls in Elderly
How to Prevent Falls in the Elderly
Falls in the elderly are a very severe and common issue that can cause much pain and injury. Preventing falls in the elderly is a priority for their safety and…
Moisturizer for Seniors
Best Moisturizers for Seniors
As we age, our skin changes and becomes susceptible to dryness and age-related skin conditions that could signify underlying medical problems. Because dry skin can lead to other complications, taking…
Back Brace for Seniors
Back Braces for Seniors
Did you know that lower back pain is one of the most common health problems that you will find in elderly adults around 60 years and older? Consulting a physician…