How to Prevent Falls in the Elderly

Falls in the elderly are a very severe and common issue that can cause much pain and injury.

Preventing falls in the elderly is a priority for their safety and health, as it is one of the seniors’ most common causes of injury and even death.

How to prevent falls in the elderly is a question that you may be struggling with; however, there are many ways to enhance their lives and make them much safer to ensure there is much less risk for falls.

So, I will look at a few methods and easy devices you can invest in for a senior loved one to protect them against slips and falls.

Trips and Falls in the Elderly

Firstly, I want to address some of the main causes why seniors fall so easily and objects that can be fall hazards;

  • Slippery Shoes – Many seniors do not wear proper shoes to protect them against falls; they use shoes with slippery soles, such as slides and slippers, that can easily cause them to slip and fall on a hard floor surface. Most seniors may have foot conditions that cause them to reach for comfortable slippers and fitting shoes. However, these shoes only sometimes provide good traction.
  • Instability – Seniors who have become more unstable on their feet but still insist on walking and keeping their independence are at risk of losing balance and falling. However, you can always invest in a cane or walker to aid them, which will also help them keep their independence.
  • Bathrooms – One of seniors’ biggest slip and fall risks lay in the bathrooms. Shower floors, baths, and even bathrooms are slippery, especially when wet and soapy. Thus, I would make some changes by adding some bath and shower mats, inside and outside of the bath and shower, as well as some grab rails, to ensure their safety.
  • Getting Up – Many seniors struggle to get out of bed or even their favorite armchair. They may have weak legs and, in the process, fall. On the other hand, many seniors have fallen out of their beds. In this case, for the bed, I suggest a fall mat next to the bed or a grab bed rail. For seating, a proper Lift Chair or recliner can help them easily get in and out of the chair.
  • Tripping Hazards – Many seniors have poor eyesight or lack concentration and, at times, do not notice objects in their way. Thus, they tend to trip over things easily. Removing clutter and making your home safer for them can help prevent tripping hazards that may cause a fall.

Prevention is Key

So, as you can see from some of the risks and hazards that I have pointed out that can cause falls in seniors, there are solutions to them.

If not just organizing your home more safely, you can invest in good shoes, a comfortable walking aid, and other small and affordable devices to help prevent slips and falls.

A fall in a senior can lead to serious injuries that may lead to them never recovering fully or taking a very long time to recover. That is why I advise you to do everything you can to create a safe environment where they can feel independent and remain unharmed.

The Best Products for Fall Prevention in the Elderly

So, in my review section, I am adding some tips and products on how you can prevent falls in the elderly;


We start with slip-resistant shoes for seniors. I have chosen a pair of comfortable shoes with an orthopedic design that will accommodate any foot condition or issue and provide good underfoot protection and cushioning. The shoes come with a high-traction rubber outsole that stabilizes and protects an elderly person from slipping.

  • The shoe we chose from Orthofeet has a Therapeutic design with a roomy fit and wider widths.
  • The design is specifically aimed at people with feet issues, such as bunions, Hammertoes, or Diabetic feet.
  • They have breathable uppers and removable layers of cushioning, with an ergonomic arch support footbed and light stability features.
  • The rubber sole is highly slipping-resistant and has a rocker design to take pressure off your feet.

  • I have chosen the Propet Stability Walker from the ladies that will help you keep your balance when walking.
  • The shoe has a durable, high-traction rubber outsole that ensures a good surface grip.
  • The shoe offers a comfortable footbed that is cushioned and supportive, with a rigid heel counter.
  • The shoe has soft leather uppers and a roomy fit, with easy Velcro strap closures.

Bathroom Devices

We have a few bathroom devices to help create a safer bathroom environment. There is a bathroom mat for getting out of the bath or shower to dry your feet and prevent slips, and in shower and bath mats to prevent slipping. Furthermore, I have added a shower and bath rail to support you when getting into and about the bath.

  • We have a non-slip bathroom mat for use outside the bathtub or shower.
  • The Mat is a Loofah material that is more hygenic, absorbs moisture, and dries quickly.
  • You can use it to dry your feet and prevent slips on tiles when you get in and out of the shower.
  • More colors are available, and the mat is available in larger sizes.

  • The SlipX Solutions is an Extra-long bath and shower mat you can use inside the bath or shower.
  • It works with suction cups and consists of high-quality vinyl.
  • The Oversized coverage protects from slips and falls in the shower.

  • I like the Zuext Anti Slip bath rails, especially because they have a large design and come in a set of two.
  • You can use them for a bath or shower rail and have an extra one available as a toilet rail.
  • A bar must be attached and does not work with suction or removable clamps.
  • I prefer the attached bars as they are much more reliable, especially when the senior is heavier, as suction cups may come loose easily.

Bed Rails

I have added a protective bed rail that provides stability for a senior getting in and out of bed and helps prevent falling out of bed.

  • The Assis bedrail is a foldable and stable bed rail for seniors.
  • The bed rail firstly gives a senior a grab handle when they get up, in, and out of bed to prevent falls.
  • It is also ideal for putting it at night to prevent a senior from falling out of bed.
  • Its double armrest design allows you to use both heads simultaneously.

Walking Devices

For stability when Walking, I have added a comfortable walking cane with adjustable height and a rollator, or rolling walker, that is quite popular among seniors today.

  • The Honeyball Walking Cane has a standing design and Pivoting tip with a four-inch large base for stability.
  • It has five adjustable heights and an easily foldable design.
  • What I love about a cane for seniors is that it provides enough stability and balance to allow them to walk around confidently without falling.

  • The Medline Standard steel Rollator is an easily foldable design with 8-inch wheels.
  • It has an adjustable height for a proper fit and folds very condense for easy storage,
  • There is a convenient nylon storage bag underneath the rollator.
  • The rollator is a walker with wheels that provide stability while allowing fast and easy movement.
  • It is ideal for preventing falls in seniors who are slightly off balance.

Lift Chair for Seniors

Though this is quite a substantial purchase, a Lift Chair or recliner for seniors is an excellent device for their safety and comfort. It gives them a comfortable, relaxing area, and they can easily get in and out of the chair.

  • The Yandle Lift chair is an electric-powered recliner that is ideal for seniors.
  • It has smooth leather upholstery, and more colors are available from which you can choose.
  • The Lifting function helps an elderly person to easily get in and out of a chair, allowing them to get their balance and preventing falls.

Index Table: Top Rated Products for Elderly Fall Prevention

1Orthofeet Sneakers - Shoes for The Elderly
  • Wider Widths
  • Therapeutic
  • Cushioned
  • Arch Support
2Propet Stability Walker - Shoes for The Elderly
  • Cushioned
  • Stable
  • Accommodating Fit
  • Velcro Closyre
  • Wider Widths
3MontVoo Non-Slip - Bathroom Mat for The Elderly
  • Non-Slip
  • Quick Drying
4SlipX Solutions - In Bath and Shower Mat for The Elderly
  • Durable
  • Suction
  • Slip-Resistant
5Zuext Anti-Slip - Bathroom Rails for The Elderly
  • Stainless Steel
  • Two Pack
6Elderly Assis Steel - Bedrail for The Elderly
  • Stainless Steel
  • Foldable
Elderly Assis97.5
7Honeybull Free Standing - Cane for The Elderly
  • Pivit Tip
  • Adjustable
8Medline Standard - Walker for The Elderly
  • Folding
  • Rollator
9Ashley Yandel - Lift Chair for The Elderly
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Power
  • Recline

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