Padded Toilet Seats for the Elderly

You may think that a regular hard seat for your toilet is good when you are still young, but as you age, the muscle and fat in your body start to break down, especially in the buttocks area, and that hard seat becomes pretty uncomfortable.

As we age, we may also lose weight which adds more pressure when sitting on a hard toilet seat.

That is why I want to introduce the padded toilet seat for the elderly. Whether you are elderly or have an elderly relative, this invention provides so much comfort and safety.

Why You May Need a Padded Toilet Seat

The Padded Toilet seat comes in two designs: a regular padded seat and a seat riser padded seat. The Riser padded seat is much easier to access and sit down for, and the older adult cannot bend that low.

When you age, as muscle and fate deteriorate, especially in your buttocks, you will notice chairs and even toilet seats seem to feel harder and more uncomfortable.

Then again, many health issues seem to take their toll with age, and you may need an operation or suffer from a condition where you require something softer to be seated on or to prevent extra pressure to certain areas.

You may need a padded toilet seat for an elderly person, and if you do not have a specific reason, they are just so much more comfortable than a cold and hard seat.

Oh, and I mentioned that they are generally warmer than hard seats!

FAQ on padded Toilet Seats

So you are interested but still have a few more questions on the padded toilet seat for seigniors, hopefully. You will find a few answers here;

  • Are Padded Toilet seat Sanitary – Yes and now. They are sanitary if cleaned and cared for properly, similar to a regular toilet seat. However, they may deteriorate and crack with time, and urine can get trapped in these small cracks, becoming unsanitary. So if you do notice deterioration or damage, you will need to replace them. Remember that some cheaper materials are less durable, so if it is a good quality padded toilet seat, it will not crack or tear as easily.
  • What are the Materials Used in Padded Toilet seats – Initially, it will have a wood or plastic frame and high-density foam. Then there will be a plastic or vinyl cover.
  • How do You Clean a Padded Toilet Seat – You will wipe it down after use with a wet wipe or wet cloth. Then it will regularly need to be sprayed with a suitable disinfectant cleaner and cleaned.
  • How Often Should You Replace a Padded Toilet seat – When the seat becomes damaged, torn, or yellow, I would say it needs replacing. Also, when it starts developing bad odors and the padding becomes flat and less.

Features of a Good Padded Toilet Seat for the Elderly


  • Toilet Bowl Size – You get two toilet bowl sizes, the regular round, 16.5 inches, and the elongated toilet bowl, 18.5 inches. Thus it would help if you made sure that the padded toilet seat you choose is the correct shape and size for your toilet bowl.
  • Materials – Look for durable and anti-microbial materials, they are you best option. The padded toilet seat will generally have a wood, metal, or plastic frame, a high-density thick foam padding layer, and vinyl or plastic-type cover that is easy to clean.
  • Raised or Regular – You get a regular padded toilet seat or a raised design padded toilet seat. For an elderly person that struggles to sit down and get up, I will opt for the raised padded toilet seat. Otherwise, the regular padded toilet seat should be fine.
  • Sturdy Hinges – Padded Toilet Seats come in a full seat design with a lid or just a seat that you place over the toilet seat. For the full sets, make sure that the lid hinges are sturdy and open and close easily. The Hinges are usually metal and sometimes brass.

Reviews: The Best Padded Toilet Seats for the Elderly

These are our top favorite raised and regular padded toilet seats for the elderly;
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98

  • This is an elongated padded toilet seat for elongated toilet bowl types.
  • It is soft, comfortable, and durable, with a long-lasting design.
  • The seat has a durable and easily cleaned vinyl cover and foam padding.
  • The core is sturdy and durable wood.

  • The DMI padded toilet seat cushion affs extra padding to your toilet seat and helps to relieve pressure.
  • It is cushioned with four layers of foam for comfort.
  • The white cover is easy to clean in tear-resistant.
  • It will also hold securely in place on a standard toilet seat.

  • The PCP padded toilet seat is a raised design for seniors who struggle to sit and get up from the toilet.
  • It is lightweight, cushioned, and comfortable.
  • What I love about this design is that it is also portable.
  • It consists of medical-grade durable materials and is very easy to clean.

  • The HealthSmart Padded Toilet seat fits most round bowls.
  • It is a gel-filled padded toilet seat with a full design and lid that will fit your round commode.
  • It is very easy to clean and disinfect and quite durable.
  • The design is comfortable and ideal to use by elderly persons.

  • From Dorigan, we have the P{ermium Bone soft padded toilet seat for the elderly.
  • It fits an elongated toilet bowl and is easily installed.
  • There is a soft padded foam layer with a stable core and durable cover.
  • The design is likewise easily cleaned.

  • The Ultimate Raised toilet seat is one of my favorites for seniors.
  • It is cushioned and raised for the most comfortable seat position.
  • The toilet seat has an adjustable height and fits most toilet designs.
  • It also comes with padded armrests.

  • From Essential Medical Supply, we have the ideal Padded toilet seat.
  • The toilet seat has soft and comfortable padding for seniors.
  • It has a raised design and minimizes pressure points.
  • The Toilet seat is also very easy to clean and maintain.

  • The Blue Jay Elevate Me softly toilet seat is ideal for the elderly.
  • It is a soft cushioned raised toilet seat and lifts accessory.
  • The toilet seats us compatible fit most standard toilets.
  • T is plush and very comfortable for seniors.

  • The Nova Medical products Toiler Seat Cushion is soft and gentle for seniors.
  • It is a two-inch raised padded toilet seat.
  • The toilet seat is durable and easy to clean.
  • It also fits standard and elongated toilet seats.

Index Table: Top Rated Padded Toilet Seats for the Elderly

1Mayfair 113CP 000 - Padded Toilet Seat for the Elderly
  • Vinyl
  • Cushioned
  • Single Seat
2DMI Seat Cushion - Padded Toilet Seat for Seniors
  • Pressure Relief
  • 4 Inch
  • Durable
3PCP Cushion - Raised Padded Toilet Seat for the Elderly
  • Cushioned
  • Raised
  • Padded
4HealthSmart Slip Resistant - Padded Toilet Seat for the Elderly
  • regular Size
  • Round Shape
  • Durable
5Dorigan Premium - Padded Toilet Seat for Seniors
  • Bone Soft
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Durable
6The Ultimate Raised - Padded Toilet Seat for Seniors
  • Padded
  • Riser
  • Arm Rests
The Ultimate97
7essential Medical Supply padded - Riser Toilet Seat for Seniors
  • Padded
  • Two Inch Riser
  • Hygenic
essential Medical Supply97.5
8Blue Jay Elevate Me Softly - Cushioned Toilet Seat Riser
  • Cusioned
  • Riser
  • Compatible
Blue Jay97.2
9Nova Medical - Padded Toilet Seat for Seniors
  • Padded
  • For Standard and Elongated Seats

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