Velcro Pajamas for the Elderly

Velcro Pajamas for the elderly is an easy option to put on and take off and are also ideal for hospital use and seniors who need to rely on a caretaker or loved one for getting dressed.

This article will look at some of the best Velcro closure pajama styles and designs for seniors that are comfortable and ideal.

Why Seniors May Need Velcro Pajamas

Velcro Pajamas are designed to be much easier to put on and take off, and some have an adaptive design to make going to the bathroom and other basic tasks much easier for seniors or caretakers.

However, there are a few scenarios where Velcro-style pajamas can be ideal for an elderly person.

  • Can No Longer Dress Themselves – For an elderly person that can no longer dress themselves because of weakness, disease, or other conditions, Velcro pajamas are an excellent option. For a caretaker or loved one that needs to dress a senior individual, it can be very difficult to pull on pants or get clothing over the person’s head, especially if they are bedbound or in a wheelchair. Most Velcro and adaptive pajamas are designed to make this task much easier for caretakers and a loved one having to dress an elderly person.
  • Struggle with Mobility – Even for seniors to keep their independence, dressing themselves may be something they want to do, but that can be not easy. This can be because of weakness in their hands or body, struggling to bend, or other physical conditions. Similarly, in this case, using pajamas with a Velcro closure is much easier.
  • Post Operation or Injury – After an injury or surgery, using adaptive pajamas with Velcro closures may be necessary. You do get pajamas that cater for specific operations or inabilities where they may open in front, the back, or at the sleeves.
  • Hospital Use – For use in the hospital, Velcro pajamas are much easier for the individual themselves or a nurse to use. Many adaptive style Velcro pajamas are likewise ideal for hospital use.

Velcro VS Zip and Snap Pajamas

As you will see, there are many adaptive pajama options or designed for seniors that also come with zipping or snap closures.

Though these are also fine to use, I prefer Velcro as it is much easier to pull open and push closed, and it also allows more adjustability.

With snap closures, they can be small and tricky, and you require some strength for closing them, whereas a senior individual with weaker and less agile hands may find them difficult to close. Snap closures may likewise feel scratchy and uncomfortable on your skin.

In the case of zips, there is the chance that they may get stuck or cause an injury to an elderly person if used wrong. Zips are also quite hard and can dig into a persons skin if they sit or lay down on the zip.

Thus, as you can deduct Velcro is the safest closure method, as well as the easier to use for a senior individual, or a caretaker.

Features of a Good Velcro Pajamas for the Elderly

Velcro Pajamas

  • Materials – For comfortable Velcro pajamas always opt for a soft material that is tag less and seamless to reduce friction. Cotton and Bamboo are ideal natural materials, whereas polyester and polyester blends are ideal synthetic materials.
  • Closure – The Velcro closures can be at the back, the sleeves or front area of the pajamas depending on the design.
  • Type of Pajamas – I have included a few nightgown designs, as well as pajama tops and bottoms that have Velcro closures.
  • Fit – You will still need to ensure that you get the correct size pajamas for a comfortable fit.
  • Options – Some of the pajama models we have chosen do offer more color options, as well as plenty of sizes in standard and plus size selections.

Reviews: The Best Velcro Pajamas for the Elderly

Here we have some of the best options in adaptive Velcro closure pajamas that are ideal for seniors;
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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 97.8

  • From Dignity Pajamas, we have easy on and off adaptive pajamas for ladies with a lovely floral print.
  • The pajamas are 100% cotton and have a very soft knit.
  • They have Velcro closures and an open-back design for caretakers and hospital use.
  • The pajamas are long sleeve, so ideally suited for colder weather conditions.


  • From Gownies, we have a designed hospital patient gown which is likewise ideal to use by seniors as pajamas.
  • It is 100% cotton and comes in plenty of colors and patterns from which you can choose as needed.
  • The pajamas have front snap-down panels with Velcro closures and are designed to be more accommodating.
  • They are comfortable and come in many size options.
  • Ideal for post-surgery or as hospital wear.


  • The Dignity Pajamas are for ladies.
  • The pajama dress has lovely feminine cap sleeves and comes in a light pink color.
  • The sizes available are small, medium, large, and extra-large.
  • They have front Velcro closures and are adaptive o accommodate all your needs.
  • The Pajamas for ladies are a luxury 100% soft cotton knit and very breathable.
  • Ideal for summer and warmer weather conditions.


  • The Silvert’s Pajamas are a fleece pajama bottom for men.
  • The Pajama bottoms are long and soft fleece material for winter.
  • They have an elasticated comfortable waist and are fully machine washable.
  • The pajama bottoms are easy on and off design with Velcro closures and a front fold-down panel for added convenience.
  • You can also choose from a few more available colors in this range.


  • The Ovidis Velcro closure pajamas are ideal for men.
  • These pajama pants have an adaptive design and easy Velcro closure.
  • They consist of polyester and cotton with an elasticated waistband.
  • The pajama bottoms are soft and wrinkle-free, and fully machine washable.

Index Table: Top Rated Velcro Pajamas for Seniors

1Dignity Soft Knit - Velcro Pajama for Seniors
  • Open Back
  • Velcro Closure
  • Printed
2Gownies Designedr - Velcro Pajamas for the Elderly
  • Hospital Gown
  • Adaptive
  • Velcro Cloure
3Dignity Cotton - Velcro Pajama Dress for the Elderly
  • Nightgown
  • Velcro Closure
  • Pink
4Silverts - Velcro Pajama Bottoms for Seniors
  • Fleece Bottoms
  • Adjustable Closures
5Ovidis Opn Back - Velcro Pajama Pants for the Elderly
  • Velcro Closure
  • Adpative
  • Long Bottom Design

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