Bed Jackets for the Elderly

The Bed jacket is a very lightweight jacket that you wear over your pajamas or nightgown. It is mostly worn by women so that they are comfortable when sitting in bed, getting ready for the day, or for bed.
The bed jacket is designed for comfort and warmth when in and out of bed. The bed jackets for the elderly are designed to be more lightweight and to be much easier to put on and take off by an elderly person.

How and When to Use a Bed Jacket for Seniors

As you have most likely seen from earlier days, the bed jacket became quite a fashion statement among many movies, and you see them doing their make-up or getting ready for bed in a light and fluffy bed jacket.

Well, the bed jacket is actually not just for bed. There are actually fashionable styled bed jackets that can be worn as clothing. The bed jacket is basically a lingerie style clothing that emerged in the early years.
It is a lightweight jacket traditionally worn by women over their nightgown or pajamas in the hospital, nursing home, or just around the house.

The bed jacket is so versatile and comfortable, and it is much more lightweight and comfortable than a large bulky robe for many ladies.
You can cook, clean, and do a few quick chores in it before getting dressed in the morning, or go about your nightly chores in your bed jacket before heading to bed.

The Bed Jacket is not a new invention. Here are some gorgeous pictures of the design in the old days;

Benefits of a Bed Jacket for an Elderly Person

There are quite a few benefits to having a bedjacket for an elderly person;

  • Warmth – You get different types of bed jackets that are warm or light. The fleece and knitted options can provide warmth and comfort on cooler days. The more lightweight options are ideal for an extra layer of cover when the weather is warmer.
  • Fashionable – The bed jacket is a very fashionable item of clothing that passes as both sleepwear and daily wear. It is available in many colors and designs that look great and feel so comfortable.
  • Bed Jacket VS Bathrobe – I have found a bathrobe can be bulky and restricting for an elderly person, not to mention that some of the very long robes can be a tripping hazard. A Bedjacket allows an elderly person to be more mobile and does not restrict movement or feel bulky at all.
  • Extra Cover – The Bed jacket provides extra coverage when you are in your pajamas and around the house, in a hospital, or nursing home. It is also ideal for wearing when you suddenly receive visitors and are not dressed yet.

Features of a Good Bed Jacket for the Elderly

Granny Jo Products

  • Materials – Most bed jackets that are warmer consist of a polyester based fleece material. You do also get cotton, fleece, silk and stain bed jackets that are more lightweight. In fact they are available in all types of materials and weaves.
  • Length – The Bed Jacket is generally only hip length. However, there are some brands and models that have longer-length bed jackets, but they will very never be more than knee-length.
  • Closure – Bed Jackets have a variety of closure types which makes them easier for elderly persons to use. Some have an easy tie design, while some have a zip, hook, or button closure, and some have a Velcro or snap closure. It depends on what the elderly person may be able to use easiest.
  • Options – Options available to you in a bed jacket will be mostly different colors, and of course, size choices.

Reviews: The Best Bed Jackets for the Elderly

Here are our top favorites in bed jackets that are the ideal designs for elderly individuals;

3 colors

  • From Granny Joe, we have one of the top favorite bed jackets ideals for elderly persons.
  • It is a soft and comfortable fleece jacket that is hip length.
  • Perfect for any season, it provides a light layer of warmth and coverage.
  • The be jacket is easily machine washed and no hassle at all.
  • There are also three colors available from which you can choose.


  • The La Cer Bed jacket is a 100% polyester bed jacket with a comfortable fit.
  • The jacket consists of a Honeycomb woven 100% pure polyester that is durable and machine washable.
  • It has a comfortable fit and easy closure design for seniors.
  • There are likewise some more colors and sizes available to you.


  • From TowelSelections, we have a fleece cardigan and bed jacket in one.
  • The design is perfect for all occasions and very fashionable for seniors.
  • It consists of 100% pure and soft polyester fleece.
  • You can choose to form a few available colors, and it is fully machine washable.
  • The robe design is easy to use and toe by elderly persons.


  • This is a button-down design bed jacket that is comfortable and fashionable.
  • It consists of soft fleece materials and has easy-to-use front buttons.
  • The stylish design has a collar and patch pockets for your convenience.
  • There are likewise a few more pastel colors available and more sizes.
  • You can also machine wash this bed jacket.


  • The Cozy Lounge Jacket is super soft and stretchable for seniors.
  • The jacket is a polyester and spandex blend design for warmer weather as an additional layer of coverage.
  • It has a stylish and functional design with an easy closure for elderly hands.
  • The sleeves are full length, and there are side seam pockets.


  • From Silverts, we have a specialized bed jacket designed for disabled, elderly persons, or those with limited mobility.
  • The design is very easy to put on and take off, this helps with seniors that have mobility issues.
  • It consists of a soft and warm polar fleece for colder weather conditions, which is also ideal for elderly individuals that get cold easily.
  • The jacket is fully machine washable and can be worn for all occasions.

Index Table: Top Rated Bed Jackets for the Elderly

1Granny Joe Cape - Bed Jacket for the Elderly
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Warm
Granny Joe98.3
2La Cera Honeycomb - Bed Jacket for Seniors
  • Fleece
  • Machine washable
  • Colors Available
La Cera98
3TowelSelections Premium - Bed Jacket for the Elderly
  • Cardigan Fit
  • Fleece
  • Tie Closure
4Collections Fleece - Bed Jacket for the Elderly
  • Soft and Warm
  • Fleece
  • Durable
5Cozy Lounge - Bed Jacket for Seniors
  • Stretchable
  • Soft
  • Polyester
6Silverts Disabled - Bed Jacket for the Elderly
  • Warm
  • Easy On and Off for Elderly

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