Best Calcium Supplement for Seniors

Calcium and Vitamin D are the two most essential minerals that your body needs for bone strength and development and healthy teeth.

Calcium and Vitamin D significantly decrease as you age, and your diet may not supply the needed amounts.

Therefore taking the best available Calcium and Vitamin D supplements as you age is of crucial importance.

Do Seniors Need More Calcium?

Yes, older people most definitely need more Calcium.

I would go as far as saying that you need to take a Calcium supplement from an early age and even more so when you get older.

Your diet supplies only around a third of your daily amount of required Calcium, and this is similar or your Vitamin D requirement.

Vitamin D and Calcium go hand in hand, and as you will see, almost all Calcium supplements also contain vitamin D.

Vitamin D and Calcium are vital for proper Bone strength and your teeth’ health, and as you age, the strength of your Bones and your teeth tend to deteriorate, making a Calcium supplement quite crucial.

Choosing the Right Calcium Supplement

Choosing the right Calcium is quite easy, there are two types of Calcium, and then there is the added Vitamin D;

  • Calcium Citrate – Calcium Citrate is one of the Calcium forms that are the most easily absorbed and can be taken with or without a meal. Calcium Citrate is ideal for seniors who get bloated easily or who have constipation.
  • Calcium Carbonate – Calcium Carbonate is a cheaper form of calcium usually found in Rolaids and TUMS. This form of Calcium is sourced from Oyster shells and corals, which should not be taken if you have a Shellfish allergy.
  • Vitamin D – Ensure that vitamin D or Vitamin D3 is added to your calcium supplement in the amount of 400IU or more, which is adequate for seniors.

Features of a Good Calcium Supplement for Seniors

  • High Potency – A good Calcium supplement should have anything from 400MG and more calcium as your daily requirement as a senior adult is around 1000MG.
  • Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 is added to all calcium supplements to aid with the absorption of Calcium.
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C is also a great additional Vitamin in Calcium supplement for its immune support and aiding in the abruption of Calcium.
  • Addatives – Other Minerals such as Magnesium and vitamins may be added to a calcium supplement for enhanced nutritional value.

Reviews: The Best Calcium Supplements for Seniors

Here are some of our top choices in Calcium Supplements for seniors;


The Caltrate Mini contains vitamin D3 and minerals, and the small size is straightforward to swallow by older persons.

  • The Caltrate Calcium tablet is a high potency calcium tablet for seniors.
  • These tablets also contain Vitamin D3 as well as other minerals.
  • The small size of the Caltrate Mini makes it much easier for seniors to swallow.
  • There are also different quantity options that you can choose from in this brand.
Score: 98.7 By John Max

Nature’s Bounty is a natural Calcium supplement that also contains Vit D3.

  • A high potency calcium supplement that contains 600mg of calcium and also magnesium.
  • Vitamin D3 is added, which increases the absorption of Calcium.
  • The product contains natural elements and ingredients and is ideal for women after menopause.
  • You can enjoy a month’s supply with Nature’s Bounty option.
Score: 98 By John Max


The Doctor’s Best Calcium supplement is a complex supplement that helps to densify bones and teeth.

  • Ideal for an older adult who suffers from brittle and fragile bones and teeth.
  • The supplement comes in a 180 tablet container.
  • The composition is complete with Calcium Complex and minerals to help with absorption.
  • It also contains Magnesium, Vit D3, zinc, copper, manganese, and Vitamin C.
Score: 97.8 By John Max


The Viactiv is a chewable calcium tablet that comes in a supply of 180 tablets per container.

  • It contains High potency Calcium as well as Vitamin D for better absorption.
  • The bottle contains 180 tablets that are Chewable and easy for seniors to chew.
  • Each tablet is individually wrapped for freshness and for taking with you on a trip.
  • The Chew is chocolate flavored and delicious to eat.
Score: 98 By John Max


The Garden of Life Calcium Whole Food supplement is all-natural and contains much-needed minerals and probiotics.

  • You can choose between a 60 or 120 count bottle in a few options.
  • The Vitamin contains Calcium, Magnesium, probiotics, Enzymes, and Vitamin D3, all in a Raw and natural form.
  • Added minerals and Vitamin D3 allow for much better absorption of calcium.
  • The Vitamin is completely organic and all-natural in ingredients.
Score: 96 By John Max


From Kirkland, we have a delicious chewable Calcium Gummy which is easy for seniors to chew and digest.

  • The Vitamin contains a high 500g potency of Calcium.
  • There is also Vitamin D3 included for better absorption of the calcium.
  • These are flavored chewable gummy tablets that are easier for seniors to chew and enjoy.
  • The bottle comes with 240 chewable Calcium gummies that also contains natural fruit juices for flavor.
Score: 96 By John Max

Index Table: Top Rated Calcium Supplements

1Caltrate Mini’s - Calcium Supplement for Seniors
  • Mini Size
  • Contains D3
  • Minerals
2Nature’s Bounty Calcium - Senior’s Calcium Supplement
  • D3 and Minerals
  • High Potency
  • All Natural
Nature’s Bounty98
3Doctor’s Best Bone Maker - Calcium Complex Supplement for Seniors
  • Complex
  • Minerals
  • High potency
Doctor’s Best97.8
4Viactiv Calcium Plus - Calcium Supplement for Older People
  • Chews
  • High Potency
  • Vitamin D
5Garden of Life Raw - Natural Senior’s Calcium Supplement
  • Raw
  • Natural
  • Probiotics
Garden of Life96
6Kirkland Signature - Calcium Supplement for Senior Persons
  • Calcium 500g
  • Vit D3
  • Chewable Gummy

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