Room Monitor for the Elderly

Anyone taking care of an elderly person will know how difficult it is to keep them safe 24/7.

Sometimes it may simply be impossible to be with an elderly person all the time.

The presence of a room monitor can be a real lifesaver in this situation.

Not just for babies, but a room monitor for the elderly can work similarly and help you keep an elderly loved one safe and happy.

Why You Need a Room Monitor for an Elderly Person

Most remote monitoring technologies began with babies, such as baby monitors, which started as audio-only, but today we are lucky enough to have audio and video monitors.

Today baby monitors help family members and caregivers to see, hear and respond to the needs of an elderly person while they are at work, around the house, or taking care of a child.
Having such as system in place will give a senior person the peace of mind that someone will respond should they fall or have an emergency.

Choosing a Room Monitor for Seniors

There are a few aspects to consider when getting a room monitor for an elderly person;

  • Get Senior Person to Agree to the Device – Firstly, you need to talk to the elderly person for whom you want to get the monitor and explain clearly what the device is for and how it is used. Some seniors may feel that such a device infringes on their privacy and may not like using it. Always first get the permission of the elderly person first and make sure that they are comfortable with a room monitor, which may be more suited to an audio monitor rather than a visual and audio monitor.
  • What Kind of Room Monitor will You Need – The type of room monitor you will need to get depends largely on what will work best for your circumstances. An audio monitor works well for you to hear the voice of the elderly person when they need something. However, for an elderly person who is disabled, or may faint at times, or even have any reason that they may not be able to call or help, audio and video or video monitor may be more suitable.
  • Two Way Capability – The Most important feature to look for in any room monitor system, audio, or video is a two-way function that allows you to speak with the person being monitored and to ask them questions. Some people even choose intercoms or walkie-talkies as an alternative.
  • More Technical Features – Some room monitors have more features such as phone notifications and alarms in case of an emergency or an emergency calling service, depending on the actual device.

Features of a Good Room Monitor for The Elderly


  • Data or Monthly Fees – Some room monitors may have monthly or data fees, especially the ones that use internet connections. These are usually more advanced devices and you should not worry too much about them. A more basic design will not incur these costs.
  • Fall Detection – Some monitors have an alarm system and fall detection features that will alert you when an elderly person slips and falls.
  • Battery Life – All in all, you want a good monitoring system that has a long battery life that does not require regular daily charging.
  • Waterproof – The device should be waterproof if there is a spill or if it gets dropped inside water.
  • Range – Also, make sure the connectivity and mobility range of the sensor is adequate for the distances it will be used from.
  • Type of Monitor – As we have mentioned, you can opt for a two-way audio monitor or for a video and audio monitor design.

Reviews: The Best Room Monitor for the Elderly

Here we have some of the top choices when it comes to room monitors for the elderly;


  • The owlet Cam is one of the top baby monitors that are also perfect for seniors.
  • It is an audio and video device that can monitor an elderly loved one from anywhere.
  • The Monitor uses Wifi to operate and has HD night vision for protection at night.
  • It is a safe as secure design that steams data to your mobile device.


  • The Reolink Wireless Security camera is the perfect monitoring system for an elderly person.
  • It is an E1 Wi-Fi camera that captures super-HD videos in high resolution.
  • The camera is ideal to use as a monitor for a senior person or a baby and offers a safe and easy way to keep an eye on them.
  • Both Google and Alexa support the device.


  • The Vtech is a two-in-one audio baby monitor that can be quite useful for an elderly person.
  • You can monitor sound and speak two ways with an elderly person.
  • The device has clear audio sound and a long-range.
  • There are five levels of sound indication, and it is a two-way talkback intercom.
  • The unit in the room of the senior person also has a night light for easy access at night.
  • It is very sound sensitive and safe to use.


  • The Motorola Connnect60 is an audio and visual monitor for seniors.
  • It comes in different options with one or two cameras, a two or a three-piece set.
  • The device has two-way audio and camera options.
  • It is powered by a Hubble connect APP and gives you a full view of the room.
  • Ideally created for children and babies, I find that it works exceptionally for disabled adults and elderly persons in turn.

  • This is the Upgraded version of the Vtech monitor for seniors.
  • The monitor is a two-way audio monitor that has the longest range and crystal clear sound.
  • It has an updated rechargeable battery that offers 8 hours of operation.
  • The design is very easy to use with different speaker volumes and sound alerts.

  • The Motorola MBP164Connect is an audio baby monitor that is likewise ideal for seniors.
  • It is a two-way audio device that allows you to interact with the elderly person.
  • The device will alert you immediately when it hears a sound both day or night.
  • The installation is very easy as t is just a plug-and-play option.

Index Table: Top Rated Room Monitor for the Elderly

1owlet Cam - Elderly’s Room Monitor
  • Camera and Audio
  • Night Vision
  • Secure
2Reolink - Room Monitor for the Elderly
  • 3 MP HD
  • Wifi Camera
  • Free Cloud Storage
3VTech Audio - Room Monitor for the Elderly
  • Talk Back Intercom
  • Vibrating Alert
  • Night Light
4Motorola Connect 60 - Elderly’s Room Monitor
  • Hubble Connected
  • Wifi Viewing
  • 2 Way Audio
5Vtech Upgraded - Room Monitor for the Elderly
  • Audio
  • Two Way
  • Clear Sound
6Motorola Connect - Room Monitor for the Elderly
  • Audio
  • Two Way
  • 900 Foot Range

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