Best Pressure Sore Cushions for Recliners

A Pressure Sore cushion is ideal to have on your recliner when you sit for long periods of time in your recliner because of mobility issues or health conditions, particularly in seniors.

How do Pressure Cushions Actually Help Seniors

Many seniors tend to be less mobile or suffer from conditions that cause them to be off their feet most of the time. Sitting in the same position cause pressure on specific points, which can lead to sores and ulcers.

A good Pressure Cushion can reduce these pressure points and provide much needed comfort and relief.

Some other great benefits of a pressure cushion also include;

  • Waterproof – The covers of most pressure cushions are waterproof, so if you have an accident or spills something, the Cushion is not compromised, and you can easily wash the cover.
  • Lightweight – Pressure relief cushions are usually constructed from Lightweight materials and are easily portable so that you can use them on all your favorite chairs.
  • Comfortable – Because pressure cushioned are designed and made from materials that cater to various needs, they are extremely comfortable and supportive and usually made from body-conforming materials such as memory foam.

Different Types fo Pressure Cushions

Here are some of the general materials used in most Pressure Relief Cushions for Recliners;

  • Foam – General foam or Air Foam can be used in different softness layers and infused with different materials to provide relief and comfort.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam is mostly used because of its ability to comfort your body’s unique contours and is sometimes infused with GEL for its cooling properties.
  • Inflatable – There are also inflatabgle Pressure relief cushion designs avaiove which are easier in portability and storage.
  • Egg Crate – The Egg Crate design pressure cushion is made from general foam with pockets and convulsions that reduce pressure when seated or lying down, a new and effective technique in pressure relief.
  • Gel – Gel is another material that is almost as conforming as memory foam and holds cooling and heat-dissipating properties.

Features of a Good Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners

Pressure Cushion

  • Fill – You can fill the Pressure Relief Pillow with anything from foam to Memory Foam, Gel, or latex. Gel offers a cooling option; while memory foam conforms more to your body shape, the gel also has the ability to retain its shape. An Inflatable cushion is compact and easier for portability.
  • Design – An Egg Crate or convoluted design offers much better pressure relief, and holes also help with even weight distribution and breathability. The ergonomic shape aligns the body properly and provides greater comfort.
  • Cover – A durable, washable cover is ideal, and zipper closure is usually the safest. Some covers also have water-resistant and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Additional Extras – Some models come with carrying handles or a cover or bag for safekeeping and portability.
  • Size – The size should be able to fit your recliner or chair of choices. Most pressure relief cushions have a universal size that will fit most chairs and recliner types, and some are designed to even for a wheelchair.

Reviews: The Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners

Here are some excellent choices in Pressure Sore Cushions for your Recliner if youi are a Senior Person;


  • The Helishy Pressure Sore Cushion has a comfortable and pressure relieving Honeycomb design with over 500 balanced pressure and flexible honeycomb grids that disperse the entire body’s pressure evenly.
  • The honeycomb design of the cushion is infused with cooling Gel, which dissipates heat and keeps you cool and comfortable,
  • This cushion will effectively relieve pain and reduce pressure at high-pressure pints while keeping your comfort.
  • The cushion comes with a non-slip cover with a zipper design that you can wash.
  • There are also two size options from which you can choose in this cushion.


  • From FOMI, we have the advanced column-buckling technology pressure relief cushion that evenly disperses your body weight and eliminates pressure on uncomfortable pressure points.
  • The cushion is made from a very resilient and cooling Medical Gel that will not lose its original shape and stays resilient.
  • The cushion is portable and comes with a handy carry handle.
  • Easy to wash pillow cover with a zip closure on this cushion.


  • This is a specially designed cushion for your recliner with Gel material, which retains its shape and provides excellent pain and pressure relief and cooling comfort.
  • This cushion’s unique Gel structure ensures greater comfort and support with optimal Air Circulation with the design technology.
  • A breathable and comfortable cushion that will easily fit on most recliner brands and models.


  • The Tektrum Thicker design pressure Relief Cushion is ideal for sciatica and back pain relief and provides excellent comfort.
  • This cushion reduces pressure in the tailbone and coccyx and provides a better posture and spinal alignment positioning.
  • The ergonomic design and soft cooling gel fill, which is layered over high-density foam, provide optimal support, comfort, and pressure relief.
  • This pillow also comes with an anti-microbial water-resistant cover and is portable with carrying handles.


  • The Air Inflatable Pressure Relief cushion from HeartBeat can easily be used on any chair or a recliner and folds away and deflates very small for storage and portability.
  • It has an ergonomic design for optimal pain and pressure relief and holes for breathability and even weight distribution.
  • This cushion is easy t inflate and deflate when needed and highly portable and compact to store.
  • Comfortable and versatile to use anywhere and everywhere.


  • The DMI Egg Crate design Pressure Relief Cushion has a full back and bottom cushion design, which you can place on your recliner.
  • The Egg Crate foam design ensures optimal pain and pressure relief, along with breathability and ventilation to prevent overheating.
  • The foam used is soft and comfortable against the body.
  • This design’s versatility allows it to be used on many chair types, even in a wheelchair.


The Comfilife Orthopedic Pressure relief Cushion is ideal for all cair and recliner types.

  • The memory foam molds to your shape, and the gel keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • The cushion supports your tailbone and provides effective pressure relief.
  • Ideal for lower back and sciatica pain.
  • Comes with a durable and washable cover.

From Roho, we have a unique mosaic design inflatable pressure relief cushion.
  • Very lightweight and easily portable design.
  • You can also use the cushion on a variety of chairs and wheelchairs.
  • It is designed to mold your shape and provide exceptional pressure relief.
  • The cover is stretchable, and there is a non-skid bottom.


The Vive Pressure Relief Cushion can be used on various seats, including a wheelchair for effective pressure relief.

  • The cushion comes in different size options from which you can choose.
  • It is ideal for wheelchairs, chairs, car seats, and recliners.
  • Filled with Gel and comes with a waterproof cover.
  • The cushion helps with coccyx and sciatica as well as back pain and relieves pressure.


The Puzzle Gel Seat cushion is breathable and will help to disperse weight to relieve pressure evenly.

  • A comfortable and versatile seat cushion that provides excellent pressure relief.
  • It is a Gel-Filled seat cushion with a well-ventilated design and comfortable cover.
  • Ideal for back and butt pain, and evenly disperses pressure,
  • Versatile uses on a variety of chair types.

Index Table: Top Rated Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners

1Helishy Gel - Cooling Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners
  • Cooling Gel
  • Breathable
  • Honeycomb Design
  • Universal Fit
2FOMI Premium - Non-Slip Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners
  • Resilient
  • Medical Grade Gel Foam
  • Cooling
3SoJoy iGel - Comfort Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners
  • Air Circulating Gel Foam
  • Lumbar Support
4Tektrum Thick - Orthopedic Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners
  • Cooling Gel
  • Thick Foam
  • Ergonomic Design
5HeartBeat Air - Inflatable Portable Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners
  • Inflatable
  • Portable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Breathable
6DMI Egg Crate - Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners
  • Sculpted Foam
  • Full Seat
7ComfiLife Gel Enhanced - Recliner Pressure Relief Cushion
  • Non-Slip Design
  • Orthopedic Comfort
  • Gel and Memory Foam
8Roho Mosaic - Pressure Relief Cushion for Recliners
  • Inflatable
  • Mosaic design
  • Stretchable Cover
9Vive Gel - Recliner and Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushion
  • Versatile Uses
  • Gel Fill
  • Ventilated
10Puzzle Gel Seat Cushion - Pressure Relief Recliner Pillow
  • ventilated and Breathable
  • Effective Even Weight Dispersion

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