Panic Button for the Elderly

A Panic button comes in two options, a stationary alarm placed somewhere in the home, or a small personal item either a pedant, keyring or just as small device a person can carry with them.
A panic button or personal alarm is something that may become vital for an elderly person in order to keep them safe and ensure that they are cared for in case of an emergency.

This is why we will be looking at some of the best available panic buttons ideal for the elderly.

Why Seniors Need a Panic Button

A panic button will provide peace of mind to both the elderly person in question and their relatives, especially when such an elderly person lives on their own.

It is quite normal for an elderly person to feel vulnerable when living on their own or just being alone t home, when there is an emergency they may not always be able to help themselves or defend themselves. This is where a panic button comes in quite handy.

A Panic Button can provide safety and security in these ways;

  • Immediate Assistance – The person will get immediate assistance from the Police, and Ambulance or the necessary services. They can also notify a family member immediately should they need the help of any sort.
  • Round the Clock Security – Most wireless panic buttons provide around-the-clock security and can be worn while sleeping, outside, or even in the bath. They are very low maintenance and are always on hand should there be an emergency.

How a panic Button for Seniors Works

This is basically how a panic button will work for an elderly person;

  • Press Panic Button – The Panic button will need to be pressed and sometimes held down for a few seconds to get assistance.
  • SMS Notice – An SMS notification or emergency call is sent to the necessary services or family members to get their attention.
  • Calls Device – Some devices send a message to a 24/7 call room for emergency services if needed. The Call room will then notify the emergency contacts
  • Emergency Contacts – You can have family members notified as well as emergency services when you are in need.

Features of a Good Panic Button for The Elderly


  • Mobile or Home Based System – As I have mentioned you have two options in panic options which include either a mobile device or a stationary device. A stationary panic button is placed on a desk, wall, or any other area within easy reach of the elderly person’s home. A mobile device can be worn around the neck, placed inside a pocket, or even be a watch that the elderly person can keep close to them at all times.
  • Monitoring System – You can choose whether the device needs to be monitored by emergency services 24/7, which means if the button is pressed emergency services will contact you or get to you. Or you can choose a system that is not monitored in which case a family member or friend will be notified rather.
  • Fall Detection – As and add on to a panic button some models offer an automatic fall detection function. This is however very new technology and not found in many panic button systems.
  • Options – Usually a specific brand or model will only offer limited colors or options in panic Button devices, mainly only single devices. I have found a few however that have more color options.

Reviews: The Best Panic Button for the Elderly

Here are some excellent choices in panic button devices for the elderly;


  • The Ring Alarm Panic button is the perfect design for seniors.
  • You can enroll in the 24/7 monitoring options that will alert emergency services when needed, as well as family members.
  • The Panic buttons are easy to set up and manage.
  • It has a maximum three-year battery life, and the batteries are easily replaceable.


  • The CallToYou Caregiver Pager and the panic button are quite popular to use for elderly individuals.
  • It is a calling button that alerts a caregiver or loved one when you are in need.
  • There is a receiver and a call button included for a caregiver or family member, and the elderly person or patient needed for.
  • The device is as easy as just pushing a button and the alarm will chime to get the attention of a family member, or caregiver.
  • There are also 55 different alarm chimes from which you can choose.


  • The Ats Medical Alert panic button system has no monthly fees or connection fees.
  • It is a basic 100 to 150 feet range panic button with a telephone speakerphone.
  • The panic button is waterproof and can call 1 to 30 numbers in the case of an emergency.
  • It has a battery backup and a talking caller ID.
  • There are also Talking buttons when dialing.


  • The Daytech is a Pager panic button for caregivers and family members.
  • It is a call panic button that sets an alarm to a caregiver or family member to give immediate attention when needed y and elderly person.
  • The Panic button has a 100-meter wireless range and has up to 55 different ring chimes from which you can choose,
  • It is very easy to set up and to use.


  • The On the Go Guardian is a Life-saving panic button for seniors.
  • It allows an elderly person to speak to emergency and non-emergency operators 24/7.
  • The device is an alert system that uses 4G Lite cellular technology to operate.
  • Keep in mind you get one month’s free subscription and then there will be subscription charges as well a mobile data charges.


  • The Wearsafe is a personal and wearable panic button for seniors, that is ideal for seniors that are more mobile.
  • There are no subscription or contract fees when you purchase the lifetime edition.
  • It offers protection on the go and the tag pairs with your smartphone.
  • When in need just press the button and emergency services will be contacted 24/7.
  • You can also choose from a black or white model option in this specific brand.

Index Table: Top Rated Panic Button for the Elderly

1Ring Store Alarm - Elderly’s Panic Button
  • Basic Design
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Long Battery Life
Ring Store98
2CallToU Cargiver - Panic Button for the Elderly
  • Call Alert
  • Easy to Use
  • Installs in Room
3Ats Alert - Panic Button for the Elderly
  • personal Panic Button
  • No Monthly Fees
4Daytech Pager - Elderly’s Panic Button
  • Portable
  • Necklace Design
  • Easy To Use
5On the Go Guardian - Panic Button for the Elderly
  • Wifi Tracking
  • Portable
  • 4G
On the Go97
6Wearsafe Personal - Panic Button for the Elderly
  • Immediate Panic Button
  • One Touch
  • Color Options

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