GPS Tracker for Seniors

If you need to keep track of an elderly loved one easily, a GPS tracker may be the best device available to you.

The best GPS Trackers for the Elderly come in a variety of designs with many ideal features.

Why Get a GPS Tracker for an Elderly Person

For seniors persons that may have Alzheimer’s or Dementia, as well as other similar conditions, a GPS tracker may be an absolute lifesaver in their lives and peace of mind in yours as a loved one or caretaker.

GPS trackers today are not large and obtrusive. They come in small, lightweight designs that are easy to wear or keep by an elderly loved one.

Here are a few reasons why you should get an elderly person a GOS Tracker;

  • Track Their Whereabouts – If you have an elderly loved one or a caretaker to an elderly person that tends to wander off by themselves due to a memory condition, or confusion a GPS tracker can become a very handy device. Even if you allow an elderly person to take walks or if they are still able to function on their own, they may get confused and get lost, where a GPS tracker would have been an easy measure to ensure their safety. Some GPS trackers also set certain zones, so the device will go off when the elderly person wanders off too far or is out of these boundaries.
  • Get Help Straight Away – Some GPS trackers actually send texts and have an SOS app for when an elderly loved one needs assistance, The Safety App can easily be downloaded to the Tracker and used in case of an emergency to call a loved one or the necessary services.
  • SOS to Multiple Persons – Some GPS trackers can actually send a distress signal or text to multiple persons at once should there be an emergency so that the senior person can request help from more contacts until they receive the help that they need.

Types of GPS Trackers

The GPS tracker comes in many shapes and forms, each with the main Tracking function, some with SOS Apps and others with even more functions and features.

The Tracker used for a specific person is called a Personal GPS Tracker.
Here are a few ways in which you can use a GPS Tracker for an Elderly person;

  • Bracelets – You get GPS Trackers that are small and lightweight enough to be worn as a bracelet by elderly individuals.
  • Keychains – Keychains are suitable for seniors that keep their keys with them at all time, or that can still drive around.
  • Small Device – A small GPS device could be placed inside their pocket or handbag when traveling.
  • Pocket Chip – The Pocket chip is a small GPS tracking device that easily clips onto the pocket of a shirt or pants.
  • Necklace – You do also get GPS Tracking necklaces that are safe and easy for a senior person to wear around their neck.
  • Wrist Watch – Lastly and probably the most popular are GPS Tracker watches. GPS Tracker watches usually come with many more functions and are the most versatile and easy to use.

Features of a Good GPS Tracker for Seniors

invisawear Smart Jewelry

  • Type of GPS Tracker – You will need to consider what will be the most comfortable device with a GPS tracker for the elderly person to wear, something that they will not easily lose and that is close at hand. A watch or bracelet is usually a good idea, or a keyring is attached to their belt or placed in their pockets. You also get GPS necklaces that can be worn.
  • Monthly fees – Keep in Mind that many GPS trackers use cellular technology or some form of internet, so there may be monthly fees linked.
  • Additional Features – Some GPS trackers may also come with additional features, which can include SOS emergency buttons, fitness tracking, audio monitoring, and two-way calling.
  • GPS Capabilities – If you want your tracker to track nationwide, you will need a more expensive model than a conventional GPS tracker. Most conventional GPS trackers will only cover a short range.

Reviews: The Best GPS Trackers for the Elderly

In our list we have some top of the range GPS personal trackers which are perfect for elderly individuals;


  • From Beacon, we have one of the best GPS Tracking designs for watches for an elderly person.
  • The Tracking Watches GPS, LBS, and WiFi Positioning Technology.
  • It also has an SOS function that allows for multiple calls in an emergency and a two-way call function.
  • The watch works like a regular watch and has an Led screen.
  • The battery lasts quite a long, and it also has an SMS alert alarm message response.


  • The Jiobit GPS Location Tracker for elderly persons is versatile and effective.
  • It can be used to track and elderly persons, children, adults, and even pets.
  • The device is tiny, waterproof, durable, encrypted, and has a very long-lasting battery.
  • It uses Cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi technology to work.
  • The GPS Tracker can track indoors and outdoors at any distance, and it has a very small and lightweight design.
  • You can clip it in an elderly loved one’s clothing or handbag easily.


  • From AngelSense, we also have a very versatile personal GPS Tracker for seniors, children, pets, and adults.
  • It offers continuous all-day monitoring and tracking with advanced safeguard GPS technology.
  • It gives you detailed locations, also has a Geofence Safe Place system, and is fully customizable in settings.
  • There is a two-way call function and also an alarm sound and SOS functions.


  • From Sonew, we have a GPS Tracker and Locator for elderly individuals.
  • It is a Necklace design Pendant that you can hang on any necklace for a child or elderly loved one.
  • It can monitor voices and also has an SOS function for emergencies.
  • The GPS Tracking device uses WiFi, GPS, and LBS technology and positioning.
  • It offers fast and effective positioning and has a power-saving design.


  • From Invisawear, we have a lovely bracelet personal GPS Tracker, which is generally more suitable for elderly ladies.
  • The bracelet looks good and fashionable and is very lightweight to wear.
  • The GPS Tracking technology sends an SMS text message with your location and also sends SOS messages when you need help.
  • The battery has a one-year life guarantee before it will need to be replaced, and it needs no recharging.


  • From the Primetracking store, we have a small and effective Personal GPS Tracking device for an elderly person.
  • You can also use the device for children and pets if needed.
  • It offers affordable monitoring of a person and has a real-time GPS tracker inside,
  • The tiny, lightweight Tracker can easily be placed in a bag or pocket.
  • It can work on multiple devices as well as networks and is very versatile.


  • From Invoxia, we have the perfect GPS tracker for seniors.
  • The design monitors 24/7 and offers you peace of mind.
  • It has exceptional battery life for months between charges.
  • There is a built-in sim and real-time anti-theft alerts.


  • The KidsConnect tracker can also easily be used for seniors.
  • It is available in a black or white color option.
  • There is a touchscreen and SOS button.
  • It is safe and easy to use.


  • The Hanang personal GPS tracker has an easy-to-use design for elderly individuals.
  • It has a Portable design and SOS emergency function.
  • You will need a subscription plan, however.
  • It has a free APP and tracking Web platform.


  • The Geozilla GPS tracker is a location tracker for kids, seniors, and even pets.
  • It utilizes a cellular phone and WIFI or GPS.
  • Very accurate and lightweight.
  • Comes with a 30 service fee-free subscription plan.

Index Table: Top Rated GPS Trackers for the Elderly

1Beacon Smart Watch - GPS Tracker for Elderly Persons
  • Dual Way Call
  • SOS
  • Tracking
2Jiobit - Small GPS Tracker for the Elderly
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Tracker
3AngelSense Personal - GPS Tracker for Seniors
  • Two Way Auto Answer Speaker Phone
  • SOS Button
  • Tracking
4Sonew Wifi A9 - GPS Pendant Trackers for Seniors
  • 2G GSM
  • Pendant for a Necklace
5Invisawear Bracelet - GPS Tracker Bracelet for the Elderly
  • Smart Jewelry
  • GPS Location Device
  • Bracelet Design
6PrimeTracking Personal - Elderly Person’s GPS Tracker
  • SOS Buttons
  • Tracking
  • 4G LTE
7Invoxia cellular - Personal GPS Tracker for Seniors
  • Verstaile
  • Long Battery Life
  • Options
8KidsConnect KC2 - Personal GPS Tracker for Seniors
  • Verstaile
  • Color Options
  • 4G
9Hanang Personal - Personal GPS Tracker for Seniors
  • Mini Size
  • Portable
  • Waterproof
10Geozilla GPS - Personal GPS Tracker for Seniors
  • Wifi Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Sim Card

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