Gait Belt for the Elderly for Lift and Transfer

If you have an elderly loved one or are a caretaker of an elderly person, which you need to lift regularly, it is a good idea to have the best gait belt for the elderly for lift and transfer.

Proper gait belt usage can help reduce the risk and struggles associated with lifting and transferring an elderly or disabled person.

Why Use a Gait Belt for Lift and Transfer of and Elderly Person

There is no must for a gait belt when lifting or transferring a person. However, it does make the task much easier.

Especially when you have a bad back or are not quite strong enough for the task on your own, a gait belt can help you.

For lifting and transferring an elderly person, you need quite a bit of strength in your upper body, which strains your back very much. This procedure is also dangerous for the elderly individual should you not be strong enough and cause them to slip and fall.

I recommend a gait belt for lifting and transferring an elderly or disabled person.

A gait belt is needed when an individual is partially or completely disabled or immobile.

  • 1. The gait belt assists a caregiver or family member move an elderly person from one area to the next, raising them without any strain on the back.
  • 2. It helps a caregiver or a family member to stabilize the elderly individual when they lose their balance while walking or standing.
  • 3. It will help the individual needing assistance and the assistance giver to prevent injuries in both cases.

How to Use a Gait Belt for Transferring and Lifting

The gait belt helps you to safely transfer a person from a bed to a wheelchair or into an upright standing position when walking.

So it can be used for these two means.

The gait belt will protect the elderly person from falling and the assistor injuring their back or body.

A gait belt is usually around one to four inches wide and 56 to 60 inches in length, depending on the model, as you get different models for different weight capacities. It can consist of canvas, nylon, and leather materials with a fastening buckle on one hand and two or more handles for lifting.

In the video, we show you exactly how to use a Gair belt for lift and transfer;

  • Transferring a Person from One Place to Another – You will place the belt around the person’s mid-section with the buckle facing the front, slightly off-center for comfort, over their clothes. The belt knees are tightened snugly but do not squeeze the person, and the buckle is secured. Stand Up facing the elderly person and bend your knees with your arms around the person’s uppers’ waist. Use the handles of the belt to pull and lift. Place the person safely in their chair or wheelchair using a similar method of grasping.
  • Using a Gait belt to Assist Someone with walking – When the person is n a lifted position, you will need to stand at their side and slightly behind them. Place your hand up and under the gait belt, palms facing forward, and use a firm grasp. Escort the elderly person without actually trying to drag them.

Features of a Good Gait Belt for the For Elderly for Lift and Transfer

First, you will need to determine the specific needs and requirements of the elderly person and the caregiver or family member before choosing the right gait belt for lift and transfer;
gait belt

  • Materials – Most transfer and Lift Gait belts consist of either nylon, canvas, or leather materials with a metal or plastic buckle for closure.
  • Design – Different designs are available, some with two or more handles and designs suited more for heavier-weight elderly persons.
  • Width – The Gait Belt usually has a width of around one to size inches, depending on the model, and a length of about 56 to 60 inches.

Reviews: The Best Gait Belts for the Elderly for Lift and Transfer

The list below contains some top-rated lifting and transferring gait belts that are especially ideal for an elderly person;
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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98.2

  • From SecureTransfer, we have a comfortable and effective gait belt for the elderly.
  • The Giat blet consists of durable and comfortable nylon webbing with strong and reinforced stitching.
  • There are four vertical and two horizontal handles that ensure that you have a very secure grip.
  • This is a quality and safe brand for elderly persons that are experts since 1991.

  • The LiftAid Walking Gait Belt is ideal for Lift and transfer and stability when walking.
  • The belt consists of very high-strength webbing that is durable and comfortable.
  • It can transfer persons’ f p to 300lbs in weight.
  • The gait belt is machine washable and very safe to use.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty and is covered by EBP Medical aids.

  • The Vive Transfer and Lifting Belt are ideal for seniors, pediatric, and bariatric use.
  • You can easily help a loved one move from one area to another or to walk.
  • There are extra secure leg straps for a person with weakness in their legs.
  • The buckles are quick-release, so they are easy on and off.
  • The handles come with comfortable padding.

  • The Posey Economy Transfer Belt has a quick-release buckle.
  • The belt heals fit transfer, lifting, and security when walking with a senior person.
  • They are durable, six inches wide, and padded.
  • The extra-wide soft nylon belt provides much greater patient contact.

  • The Mabua Gait transfer and Lift belt is a Holding loop and metal buckle.
  • It has one loop for proper grasp and a metal quick-release buckle.
  • The belt is machine washable and of excellent quality.
  • It is safe to use and also quite easy to use without any other hassles.

  • The Guoer is a more affordable gait belt option for lift and transfer.
  • It is still good quality and durable even though not a well-known brand.
  • The gait belt has nylon fabric and meshes with built-in pearl cotton that breathes well.
  • There are seven vertical and three horizontal handlebars, so a caretaker or family member can get the best grip.
  • The buckle is user-friendly, and the adjuster has a slip-resistant ring.
  • You can easily adjust the belt to the waist size of the person needing lifting.

  • Here we have a comfortable gait belt for seniors for easy lift and transfer.
  • The belt has seven ergonomic designed handles.
  • It is highly durable with nylon webbing and reinforced stitching.
  • Ideal for home care of elderly persons as well as for hospital care.

  • The BRMDT gait belt allows for easy lift and transfer of a senior individual.
  • It has a quick-release buckle for easy on and off.
  • The handles consist of a comfortable silica gel.
  • Ideal for the daily care of an elderly or handicapped person.

  • From medical King, we have the perfect lift and transfer belt.
  • The belt is sturdy and durable in design,
  • The handles are ergonomic and padded for comfort,
  • The buckle has a quick snap for easy removal.

  • The Fanwer gait belt is ideal for the lift and transfer of an elderly person.
  • It is very durable with a 360-pound weight capacity.
  • The Oxford and sandwich mesh fabric is comfortable and breathable.
  • It also has a fully non-slip design.

Index Table: Top Rated Gait Belts for Lift and Transfer of the Elderly

1Secure Transfer Handle - Gait Belt for Elderly for Lift and Transfer
  • Quick Release Buckle
  • Handles
  • Sure Grip Design
Secure Transfer98.2
2LiftAid Therapist - Walking Gait Belt for Seniors for Lift and Transfer
  • Walking Gait Belt
  • High Qaulity
  • Durable
3Vive - Gait Belt for Seniors for Lift and Transfer
  • Leg Loops
  • Quick Release Metal Buckle
  • Long Strap
4Posey Economy - Transfer Belt with Quick Release Buckle For Elderly
  • Quick release Buckle
  • Extra Wide Nylon Belt
5Mabua Black - Gait Belt for Seniors for Lift and Transfer
  • Holding Loops
  • Metal Buckle
  • Machine Washable
6Guoer Nursing - Gait Belt for the For Elderly for Lift and Transfer
  • One Size Fits All
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Cotton
7Reaqer Transfer and Walking - Transfer Belt for Seniors
  • Seven Handles
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Ergonomic
8BRMDT Gait belt - Transfer and Lift Belt for the Elderly
  • Safe
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • One Click Release
9Medical King 55 Inch - Transfer Belt for Seniors
  • Six Handles
  • Gait and Lifting
  • Walking Design
Medical King96.9
10Fanwer 36 Inch - Walking and Lifting Belt for Seniors
  • Lift
  • Transfer
  • Walk

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