Eye Drop Dispenser for the Elderly

As we get older, even doing simple, basic things such as putting in eye drops can get much more difficult. Putting in eye drops by itself is not the most straightforward task for anyone and how much, worse it is if you’re an elderly person with shaky or fragile hands trying to put in eye drops.

An excellent device that I have come across is the eyedropper dispenser for the elderly. It is a device that you place over the eyedrop bottle. It has a universal fit. It allows you to easily identify the dispenser over your eye, and it disperses the eye drops evenly without any irritation.

How the Eyedrop Dispenser Works

The eye dispenser can help any patient or elderly person to administer their eyedrops all by themselves with ease, and to help improve comfort while they are taking the medication for their eyes.

Most of the eyedrop dispenser brands can connect to any eye drop bottle. Some of the models have a unique anti-blinking design that will draw the patient’s gaze away from the dropper while you hold the lower lead gently in place and deliver the eye drops in the perfect spot every time.

To use the eyedropper Spencer, you will position the nozzle perfectly over your eye. And so even where the first attempt you will successfully get the eye drops inside the right area of your eye, without any pain or discomfort, most eye drop dispensers also have a secure and ergonomic grip that is easy for seniors to use and gives them some extra leverage.

It is ideal for people who have dexterity issues, such as seniors with Parkinson’s disease, and who struggle to grip and hold something in their hands. Most eyes drop dispensers are also reusable and very easy to clean.

Do You Need a eye Drop Dispenser

As an estimate, there are more than 37 million Americans that are over the age of 65. That uses eye drops. One of the most common problems that are faced by seniors is a decrease in vision. There may be many eye drop dispensers available on the market. However, not all of them are well-suited for seniors. So you need to make sure that you get the right, eye dropper dispenser that is easy for them to use.

Here are a few of the benefits of getting the right eye drop dispenser, especially for the elderly;

  • Easy To use – Using an eye drop dispenser is so much easier than using a traditional eye drop bottle. It does not require any precise coordination on your part. You simply place the tip of the dispenser against your eyelid and press down lightly. The eye drop will then dispense automatically into your eye.
  • Easy to Open – When you have arthritic hands, it can be extremely difficult to open even and standard eye drop bottle. Now, when you get the best eye drop dispenser for the elderly, it will have a wider opening, and it will be much easier to open with one hand, even if you have arthritis in your hands.
  • Easy to Use – Most of the best eye drop dispensers for seniors will have a very simple design that will be easy for them to use. They should not have small buttons or inch it could ports that can be difficult for someone with dexterity issues, arthritis, or Parkinson’s to use.
  • No Spilling – Spelling is usually a big issue with administering eye drops for anyone, not just the elderly. You usually end up with eye drops all over your face, and fewer eye drops in your eyes where there are needed, with the eye drop dispenser, you will have no spilling which will make it easy for you to get the full amount of eye drops in your eyes.
  • Large Capacity – Many seniors do need to take multiple tabs of eye drops, in which case they needed a Spencer that can halt more than one type of eye drop, so they don’t need to switch the bottles every time that they need a different medication. Some eye drop dispensers can allow you to use different products on the same dispenser.

Features of a Good Eye Drop Dispenser for the Elderly

Eye Drop Dispenser

  • No Small Parts – The eye drop dispenser should have no small buttons or small parts that can be difficult for an elderly person to handle or squeeze. The bottle should also not be too hard to squeeze or use.
  • Easy to Clean – Some eye drops dispenser models for the elderly are much easier to clean and maintain than others. Look for ones that have fewer small parts that need cleaning and that have an easier design to use and clean.
  • Durability – Look for an eyedropper dispenser that is durable and that consists of good quality, plastic, or material.
  • Price – The eye drop dispenser for the elderly is an excellent device to have in something that you can invest in. So I would advise that you rather opt for a good quality product that has a universal fit, rather than going for one that is the cheapest price.
  • Features – Depending on the brand and model of the eyedropper they can have some different features that you will need to consider. You need to consider an eyedrop dispenser that will work for you specifically. You also need to look at an eyedropper dispenser that will fit the specific eye drop bottles you are using.

Reviews: The Best Eye Drop Dispensers for the Elderly

  • The Peermax Eye Drop Dispenser is ideal for seniors.
  • It is a smart design and is FDA approved.
  • The dispenser has a unique design that fits comfortably over your eye.
  • It is universal in fit, to fit most eye drop bottles.


  • The Auto eyedrop Guide is the perfect eyedrop dispenser for the elderly.
  • It allows for safe and easy eyedrop application.
  • It will fit most eyedrop bottles.
  • The dispenser is reusable and very easy to use.

  • The Remedy Eyedrop dispenser is an easy-to-use eyedrop Guide.
  • The dispenser makes applying your eyedrops quick and easy.
  • The design is simple to use by seniors.
  • It will fit most round and oval eyedrop bottles.
  • The eyedrop dispenser consists of soft materials and it has a compact size.

  • Another dispenser model from Peermax to help you apply eye drops.
  • It is an easy universal fit.
  • Very safe and comfortable to be used by seniors.
  • The dispenser is of excellent quality and will help reduce the waste of eyedrops.


  • The Eyedrop Hero is the perfect eyedrop dispenser for an elderly person.
  • It is straightforward to use and suitable for kids, adults, and seniors.
  • You can customize it to your own eyes, in 24 ways.
  • It is perfect to use if you have shaky hands or tremors.
  • The fit is universal for most eye drop bottles.


  • The SP Ableware eyedrop dispenser comes in two options.
  • It is an eyedrop guide that has a pinhole to direct your eyesight upward and away from descending drops.
  • The dispenser places the eyedrop bottle at the correct angle.
  • It allows an accurate application that is easy to use.

Index Table: Top Rated Eye Drop Dispensers for the Elderly

1Peermax Smart - FDA Registered Eye Drop Dispenser for the Elderly
  • Drop Guide
  • FDA Registered
  • Auto Dropper
2Autodrop MaxiAids - Eye Drop Dispenser for the Elderly
  • Universal Fit
  • Reusable
  • Easy To Clean
3Remedic Guide - Eye Drop Dispenser for the Elderly
  • All Ages
  • Universal Fit
4Peermax Easy Use - Direct Eye Drop Dispenser for the Elderly
  • Direct Drop
  • Instructions Included
5Eye Drop Hero Dispenser - Eye Drop Dispenser for the Elderly
  • Customizable
  • Universal Fit
Eye Drop Hero97.3
6SP Ableware Maddak - Eye Drop Dispenser for the Elderly
  • Autodrop
  • Easy to Use
  • Durable
SP Ableware96.9

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