Best Balance Boards for Seniors

Whether it is for exercise and comfort for working, or for home use to improve balance and strength. A good balance board holds many benefits for seniors.

In this article, we want to look a bit further into which Balance Boards for seniors are the safest and best options.

What is a Balance Board and How Does it Work

A balance board, sometimes also known s a wobble board us a tool that you use while standing behind a desk or tabletop that allows you to tip back and forth and tilt the board, because of its dome-shaped base.

Athletes, individuals with arthritis, and persons recovering from injuries, or with balance issues all benefit greatly from a balance board.

Balance boards also include rocker boards and wobble boards that are a great fitness tool, providing good strength and balance exercises.

Some benefits of balance Boards Include;

  • It helps to improve your balance and coordination.
  • The Balance Board increases the strength in your legs and your peroneal muscles.
  • It helps to improve motor skills.
  • The board prevents injuries in the ankles by strengthening them.
  • It Can also help with injury rehabilitation.
  • The balance board greatly improves your posture.

Benefits of a Balance Board for Seniors

Besides the few benefits stated above, here are some ways in which the Balance Board can help seniors;

  • Balance Improvement – A balance board does exactly what it says, it helps to prove proper balance, which can be ideal for seniors. It gives you’re a better posture and helps you to easily hold your balance and improve it in a safe and comfortable manner.
  • Better Core Engagement – When you are standing on a balance board you are constantly engaging your core muscles and stabilizing yourself. This in turn strengthens muscles and helps to reduce back pain while giving you’re a more defined midsection.
  • An Opportunity to Exercise – A balance board is also an easy and safe opportunity for a senior individual to get much-needed exercise. The balance board allows you to release energy in a very productive way.
  • Increased Alertness – A balance broad helps to keep your blood flowing and improves circulation and energy levels. This is ideal for seniors that still work or need to stand for long periods of time.

Features of a Good Balance Board for Seniors

If you are interested in trying out a new balance board, here are a few tips on choosing what features to look for;
Revbalance Swell

  • Size – The deck of the balance board, which is the area that you stand on must suit your height, meaning the higher you are, the longer and wider it will need to be. Shorter people, however, will benefit much more from a narrower deck type.
  • Easy to Store – You need to keep in mind that you will want to store the balance board after use. Especially if you have limited space available. Make sure that the design is lightweight, easy to carry, and can be easily stored.
  • Low Impact Design – For a senior individual I would recommend a more low impact type board. The idea behind a balance board is to move around a bit while standing and to improve your posture, You need to be able to easily stabilize yourself without having to try too hard.
  • Height – The Height of the Balance Board needs to match the height of your desk or the area where you will be standing. You need to easily be able to reach the desk or tabletop while you are standing on the balance board.
  • Budget – You will not need the most expensive balance board that you can find, but you should also not opt for the cheapest. Rather find something that is good quality, and still suits your budget.
  • Low Noise Levels – Take noise into account, many balance boards are noisy and squeaky, so you may want to consider this when investing in a new balance board.

Reviews: The Best Balance Boards for Seniors

Below you will see some of our top choices in balance boards that are ideal for seniors;


  • The Revbalance Fit is a three in one exercise and Balance Board training system for seniors.
  • It is a functional sports and cross-training device as well as a balance board all in one.
  • You get the FitBoardm, a Grip Roller 360 Air Cushion, High-density Rocker, and an exercise guide to help you use the system.
  • The design is safe and ideal to use by seniors.


  • The Gaiam Evolve Balance Board is ideal for standing by a desk and for seniors.
  • It has a durable rocket balance design and offers subtle motion movements.
  • The Balance Board promotes proper position and engages core muscles with micro-movements.
  • It is also ideal to alleviate stress and reduce fatigue.


  • The StrongTek professional is a manual wood Balance Board for seniors.
  • It is ideal for under desk storage and uses, with an anti-slip design roller and wobble board.
  • The surface has a slip-resistant design and the base is high-quality hardwood plywood for stability,
  • It is compact and very easy to store.


  • The 60uP Balance board us a full training system for seniors that also comes with n instructional DVD.
  • It is a patented training program that helps with mobility and balance in seniors.
  • The balance board is safe and secure for over 1000Lbs.
  • It comes with dual balance flex poles for grip and an anti-slip mat.
  • The complete training system also includes a DVD for full instructions and training programs.


  • The Wii Fit Game and Balance Board is another favorite, also perfect for seniors.
  • The Wii Fit will require a WII console for it to operate.
  • It combines fitness and fun all in one system.
  • Perfect for families with an elderly loved one, you can just ad the balance board and game.


  • The RevBalance Swell 2.0 is the perfect balance board for seniors available in two color options.
  • It is actually designed for surfers to prepare them for use on the water.
  • This balance board is a bit more advanced for seniors that are more capable.
  • It has high-end construction and is excellent quality,
  • There is an extended roller to make the workout more challenging.

Index Table: Top Rated Balance Boards for Seniors

1RevBalance FIT - Balance Board for Seniors
  • Three In One
  • Training System
2Gaiam Evolve - Standing Desk Balance Board for Seniors
  • Use at Desk
  • Ergonomic Design
3StrongTrek Professional - Balance Board for Seniors
  • Wood
  • Rocker Board
  • Anti-Slip Roller
460uP Training System - Balance Board for Seniors
  • DVD
  • Balance Board Full Program
5Wii Fit Game - Balance Board for Seniors
  • Balance Board and Wii Game
  • BMI and Age Reading
Wii Fit97.5
6RevBalance Swell 2.0 - Balance Board for Seniors
  • Surf and Paddle
  • Durasoft Traction
  • Two Options

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