Guest Post Guidelines

Senior Grade - Guest Post Guidelines

Guest blogging for us?

Guest blogging is an easy way to build incoming referrals from your website.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in what you do by getting content published on other peoples’ websites.

In addition, guest posts give authors feedback to improve for good.

Before submitting anything, make sure you read these guidelines to help further along.

The Types of Submissions We Accept

  • Review Articles: We accept reviews of multiple products from different brands or a review focusing on one brand’s products. For example, ‘10 Pedometers for Seniors’; New Balance Shoes for the Elderly’
  • Informational Articles: We focus more on sharing knowledge than reviewing a product. For example, ‘How Do Panic Button for the Elderly Work’; ‘All You Need to Know About Stair Lift for Seniors; ‘Why Use Monthly Pill Organizers for the Elderly’
  • Product Inclusion: We’re always looking for new and interesting products to include in our articles. If you have a product, you may request us to add them to existing articles.

What We Don’t Accept

  • Plagiarism: In addition to plagiarized or low-quality content that impairs the credibility of our website, we also do not accept topics already covered on our site.
  • Repeated Topic: Please go through all published material in order to avoid any confusion with what you are suggesting as new ideas.
  • Offensive Content: Ensure that the content is free from offensive, critical, and inaccurate information.

Guest Post Content Requirements

  • Original Content: We take plagiarism seriously. If you use the same content on other websites, we’ll remove it immediately. Therefore, all content must be original.
  • Suitable Length: Maintain the article’s length close to 1000-1500 words in length.
  • No Promotional or Salesy Content: Your content should inform, engage and build trust with your readers. We don’t accept too much promoting yourself or other products excessively.
  • Easy to Read: Headings and subheadings are a must for making content easier to read. They also help create an article that’s easy enough so people can quickly get through it.
  • Conversation Tone: We like to make sure our readers stay engaged with interesting and creative content, so we prefer an easy-to-understand voice that’s conversational.
  • Format: In order to create a professional and interesting article for our website, we ask that you scroll through different articles on the site.
  • External Links: We allow you to insert a link back to your website as long as it appears in an organic and relevant way.
  • SEO Optimized: We prefer that your posts have keywords and information placed in them properly according to search engine standards – a plus if you follow the Yoast guidelines for a good Readability and SEO score.

We reserve the right to edit, update or adapt your submission as necessary to ensure accuracy.

The Process

  • Submit a topic (for a new article): Please have a look through our website to ensure that we have not already covered the topic you suggest.
  • Payment: After we agree on the topic, you’ll be asked to make an advance payment. The flat price charge covers our business expenses of proofreading, editing, maintaining, uploading, and publishing the guest post. Those tasks involve workers who get paid to do this work, and we only cover these expenses.
  • Set a Deadline: With a number of posting requests and many other aspects of task management, we’d set a deadline for the submission of your guest post.
  • Submission: We prefer submissions in Google Docs, with ‘Anyone on the Internet – can edit’ sharing settings.
  • Proofread: Once we receive the doc from your end, we’ll check it for the above-shared requirements and make necessary edits or send it back for revision.
  • Publish: Once the content is good to go, we’ll upload it and also inform you when the post is scheduled to go live.

Guest Post Promotion

We continually promote our posts on various social media channels. Also, we encourage you to share our content on your social media channels.

We’d like to clarify that the content you submitted is for our exclusive use and cannot be used elsewhere.

Next Steps – Contact Us

If you’re happy with the details above and want to contact us, we’d love for you to get in touch. Please, fill out our form below.