Author: Pavneet Lobana

An engineer, blogger, and content strategist, Pavneet loves writing in-depth reviews on all kinds of products for the elderly. With an amazing eye for detail, her engineer mind quickly understands the science behind the working and functionality of different products available in the online market. Driven by her passion for research and unearthing details, she loves helping buyers get the best products. And here she is – to share all she knows, along with her latest reviews on what products might suit you best.

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Electric Trike for Seniors
Electric Trikes for Seniors
An electric Trike is much similar to the adult three-wheeled tricycle with the only difference that it is motor operated and does not need to be pedaled. The electric Trike…
Three Wheeled Bike for Seniors
3 Wheel Bike for Seniors
Cycling is an extremely popular hobby for both young and old. It holds many health benefits and can be quite safe for adults and children. However, for an elderly person…
Stair Lift for Seniors
Stair Lift for Seniors
One of the hardest things to deal with is waning mobility as we get older. Whether it is because of muscle weakness, hip pain, arthritis ad joint pain, or any…
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Robotic Vacuum for the Elderly
A good robotic vacuum will fill all your vacuuming needs automatically, hands down. It is one of the best available house cleaning devices I have seen so far, and the…